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By: m.ariyasharapova4 | April 14, 2017

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Are you unable to play all your games on to your system? Or your system is refusing to run your games through “Not supported” or “Your system has less configuration” errors? Don’t worry! You can troubleshoot these problems without using any windows tool. These problems can be fixed by doing some minor changes in to the system setting data base or you can get help by any tool known as PC Cleaner Free available over the internet. These are the steps through you can get ride from such types of problems. These are:


1. De-fragment your unyielding discus

Fragmentation makes your unyielding discus do supplementary be in action that can moderate down your computer. Discus de-fragmenter rearranges fragmented given conditions so your unyielding discus can be in action more efficiently. Discus De-fragmenter runs on a document, but you can also de-fragment your unyielding discus manually.

2. Move round off of the eye furniture

If Windows is running slowly, you can make haste it up by disabling some of it’s of the eye furniture. It comes down to apparition versus completion. Would you rather have Windows run faster or look prettier? If your PC is forbear eating enough, you don’t have to make this trade off, but if your computer is just meagerly discussant enough for Windows 7, it can be useful to dish back on the of the eye bells and whistles.

You can single out which of the eye furniture to move round off, one by one, or you can let Windows single out for you. There are 20 of the eye furniture you can mastery, such as the conspicuous glass look, the way menus free or close, and whether shadows are displayed.

3. To put or set to rights all of the eye furniture for best completion

Free Completion Intelligence and Tools by clicking the Shrink button Print of the Shrink button, and then clicking Mastery Body of jurors. In the pry into box, mark Completion Intelligence and Tools, and then, in the roll of results, clink completion Intelligence and tools.

Clink Put or set to rights of the eye furniture. Administrator leave required if you’re prompted for an administrator secret parole or establishment, mark the secret parole or make ready establishment.

Clink of the eye Furniture tab, clink Put or set to rights for best completion, and then clink OK. (For a less efficacious preference, prefer Let Windows single out what’s best for my computer.

4. Reset consistently

This tip is bare. Restart your PC at least once a week, especially if you use it a lot. Restarting a PC is a advantageous way to conspicuous out its recollection like what a computer optimizer such as Rapid PC Optimizer do, and make secure that any roving processes and services that started running get close down.

Restarting closes all the software running on your PC—not only the programs you see running on the task-bar, but also dozens of services that might have been started by various programs and never stopped. Restarting can fix secret completion problems when the rigorous cause is unyielding to pinpoint. If you keep so many programs, e‑mail messages, and websites free that you think restarting is a hassle, that’s probably a indication you should restart your PC. The more things you have free and the longer you keep them running, the greater the chances your PC will bog down and eventually run low on recollection.

These essential tips can fix all the general problems but user might have knowledge about computer. It is an obvious thing that everyone can’t be so much friendly with his system so in order to perform these tasks, users also have an option which is using any PC Optimizer tool which can be found for free over internet. User can use Swift PC Optimizer which is one of the best Free PC optimizing tools for all windows computers.  

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